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Internal Auditing?

The role of Internal Audit is to provide independent assurance that an organisation’s risk management, governance and internal control processed are operating effectively.

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Why Internal Auditing?


  1. Provides objective insight
  2. Improves efficiency of operations
  3. Detect and prevents loss by errors, negligence, fraud and other related risks
  4. Evaluates risks and protects assets
  5. Assesses organizational controls
  6. Ensures legal compliance

What You Need From Us

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Test  & Evaluation of Internal Controls 

  • Organizational Structure and design – structure vs strategy, job design and redesign
  • Supervision – styles, span of controls and activities
  • Management Review – reports and action
  • Human Resources Control – contracts, code of contact, job descriptions and specifications etc.
  • Authorization – levels of authorization
  • Separation / Segregation of duties – from transaction initiation to completion
  • Physical Access Control – physical locks, passwords, system user rights etc
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Substantive Testing

  • Checking accuracy financial transaction records
  • Testing the Reliability and Accuracy of Financial Balances
  • Stocktaking and confirmation of the validity of the inventory valuation calculations.
Information Security Audit

IT System Audit

  • Checking accuracy of transactions in Computerised Accounting systems
  • Following and analyzing of Computerised Accounting System Audit trails
  • Test of System errors in POS Systems, Payroll Systems, and Accounting Systems.
  • Test of Computerised Accounting system manipulations and fraud.
  • Test of Computerised accounting system security integrity levels
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Standard Operating Procedures

  • Recommendations and implementations of Standard operating procedures
  • Drafting Standard Operating Procedure documents.
  • Help in Organizational Policy Formulation