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Value Added Tax

Only operators properly registered for Value Added Tax (VAT) purposes may charge VAT on the supply of goods and services. A trader is liable to register for VAT if the value of taxable supplies exceeds or is expected to exceed $1,000,000.00 within a period of 12 months. As the business grows, VAT registration becomes compulsory and fiscalisation mandatory.

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VAT Registration Requirements


  • Must be registered with ZIMRA (Valid BPN)
  • Up to date Payments of All Tax Heads
  • Complete REV 1 Form
  • Sales Schedule from time of commencement of trade to Date
  • Sales Invoices (showing customers name, contacts and invoice numbers) from time of commencement of trade to date or confirmed and signed contracts
  • Sales Projections for the next twelve months.
  • Bank Statements (with bank stamp and corresponding to declared sales volumes)
  • Letter Appointing Public Officer
  • Title Deed (if business premises are owned) or Valid Lease Agreement (if business premises are rented).
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Why You need Us On VAT


  • As the business grows, VAT registration becomes compulsory and fiscalisation mandatory and you need us to advise you on VAT registration.
  • VAT is complicated to compute and needs care.
  • VAT is a fair source of taxation income to the State, it is a delicacy, hence Authorities fondly remember and often carry out Tax Audits on VAT registered Businesses.



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What We Do For You


  • VAT Registration with ZIMRA
  • Accurate computation of the VAT Payable or Refundable for all VAT Categories
  • Timely submission of VAT returns to ZIMRA
  • Design of Tax Invoices (manual or electronic) to meet ZIMRA standards
  • Setting of your Computerised Accounting System VAT Input & Output to compute and produce correct VAT Reports.
  • Asist with Fiscalisation.
  • Attending to all VAT related issues with ZIMRA.
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